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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  May 26, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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irut aset hits south be the war in serious spills over the border into lebanon. southernck on neighborhoods and a writ. -- in beirut. you are watching al-jazeera. coming up. new details about a man suspected of stabbing a soldier in london. three years ago in kenya he was accused of links to al qaeda. an attack on democracy. india's ruling party condemns
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rebels that killed 24 people. and as a bomber this is the scene of which takes -- obama visit to the scene of last week's tornado, we look at how they are recovering. rockets struck predominantly shia neighborhoods. it is not clear who is responsible for the attack. it'the war is spreading outside its borders. >> the lebanese army has -- found the rockets. one of the rockets hit this neighborhood. where most of the people are shia. the other rocket injured four civilian workers. it was just after 6:30 in the morning when he saw a flash of
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light and heard the explosion. he was the first person to get their. >> it was terrifying during the first few seconds. >> these attacks were not unexpected. molds,ollah store on security men have been on high alert. rockets are harder to stop. some of the rebel groups have threatened to attack hezbollah to punish the group for supporting the syrian president. on saturday, the leadership acknowledge that some of his men are in syria helping the army fight the rebels. hezbelloah has not blamed any group for the attack but said that the gold tal was to incite sectarian strife. >> we will not allow this to pass. it is a plan by the u.s. and israel. we need to stand together against this plan. >> the leader of the community
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here condemns the rocket attack, but words might not be enough to reassure the lebanese. >> from now on, you can expect anything. cannot rest your head. have to be on alert. the sectarian strife is coming from syria to lebanon. >> residents of this neighborhood are hoping this will prove to be an isolated incident, not the beginning of a series of attacks. lebanon is divided along the same sectarian lines as is syria. most people in the shia support al-assad. the battles are raging close by. foreign minister says his government has agreed in principle to take part in talks aimed ending the civil war. during ae a comment trip to baghdad on sunday.
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the conference in geneva is a good opportunity to find a solution to the crisis. pressure on the syrian coalition to decide whether they will attend those talks in istanbul. it is trying to widen the group's base and elect new leaders. what has been the response to the syrian government announcing it will attend those talks? >> well, the syrian coalition, the opposition coalition, has not issued a final decision yet on geneva ii. but we did hear remarks from one of their spokesmen responding to this statement by the foreign minister. he said that all along the coalition agreed in principle to attend in geneva ii pending clarification from the regime. so far, according to the opposition, the signal has not been posted.
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dialogue witht a the opposition. we are not looking for a dialogue. it presupposes that we agree on a lot of issues. we are interested in negotiations that lead into a transition of power and democratic transitions. that is not clear on the part of the regime. >> explain to us why is it taking so long to agree about this? >> well, there are deep divisions among the opposition members. before they even get to making a decision on geneva, they have other issues at hand, including demands by international players to expand the coalition members that will represent the opposition in to debug. it is not an easy task because the opposition is divided, not just along ideological lines.
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it is a conflict between islamic groups and members of the opposition who are more liberal. there are concerns that some of the names that international players would like to see included in the opposition coalition are simply not known to the current members of the coalition. there are concerns that they might take a softer stance on al-assad which could undermine the position of the coalition in geneva. all of these positions, other groups here are saying that they are not being included. we heard from the kurds, saying that the opposition coalition is not including them the same way that al-assad's regime excluded them for decades. all of these manifest themselves had been protests outside the hotel, the venue the meeting. people saying there is too much international pressure, too much meddling by international players affecting the decisions of the opposition. these activists are saying that
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the international community should be exerting pressure on iran and hezbollah to stop their involvement on the ground. >> let's stay with the subject of syria, because opposition forces have been in control of a northern city since march. but there, too, the divisions are evidence. we have this exclusive report. raqca.ome to al the striking thing is how normal and disappeared over there, a sweet store. people are shopping and people are going about their normal lives. but there is nothing normal about what is happening here. what is going on is a battle over the opposition forces, over who controls what. it is pretty complex but one thing is certain -- the free syrian army is losing that
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battle. we started our journey from aleppo. no matter how many rockets they fire, this is a city of broken promises. it is nearly eight years now since rebels stormed it making assurances of a free syrian army victory. through the ruins of the streets we have eased, following the trail of another broken promise. aqca.estination -- al r a drive close to a syrian air force base. then the vista of the river euphrates. all in rebel hands. give anyts do not clue as to which part of the divided opposition has the government in hand. there are two movements that
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want to form an islamic state. at first sight, the city looks like a city in peacetime. volunteer police of, a constant power supply, traffic lights, well supplied markets. it may look pretty normal, but what is happening in al raqca now makes it like no other city in syria. there is one event that many see as a warning -- a public execution right here. [sirens] >> crowds gathered after announcement from a group calling themselves the islamic state of iraq. these three men are about to be shot dead. the leader of this group is in the front, but soon after he announced allegiance to al qaeda, there was a split. another group says the law in the city says those found guilty
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of murdered do face public execution, but the new breakaway movement would be a setback he said. us againsthe state of the split. i think their timing was wrong. the regime benefits from the declaration of the new group. god willing, we will topple the regime before it uses this against us. the biggest share of control here. this in a city they used to show loyalty to al-assad. its people reluctant to speak and looking to the sky and fear of air strikes. this man's shoe store was destroyed in a bombing a week ago that killed 8 people. he spoke sarcastically about the aftermath. >> life is good. you see the destruction. all my stock was inside.
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>> after the celebration of falling city, al-assad's face no longer stairs down. what replaces him is unclear. the power balance are the colors of the free syrian army. it will be black like the flag. many fear this could be to critiqtrue. >> was of the men suspected of killing a british soldier on london's streets on wednesday was arrested in kenya in 2010. that was confirmed as police made for their arrest. the political debate continues about how to stop such attacks in future. that oneeen revealed of the suspects held over the murder of the british soldier was arrested in 2010. accused of in court
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seeking trailing with el shabab in somalia. he complained about conditions in custody. londons under guard in a hospital shot by police following the london murder. on saturday, the family of the young british shoulder, visited the london street where lee di ed, hacked to death. for the family and his young wife, this was an ordeal they were determined to see through. the crowds that have gathered here each day to pay their respects were kept back as the family came to take comfort from the hundreds of flowers and letters and cards left by ordinary people shocked by this brutal murder. that emotion shared by the muslim community. >> we need to stop this thing from happening in our community. everybody knows and the extremists within our midst have to speak against him and stop doing this, because prevention
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is better than cure. >> as the investigation widened, four more men were arrested, two at this address in southeast london where shots were fired. polic saide investigations are continuing, describing a significant amount of cctv footage. >> and french police are investigating whether a stabbing of a soldier in paris was an attempt to copy the killing in london. they are examining video footage of the attack. the soldier was on duty in a financial district when he was stabbed in the throat. in hospital but his wounds are not thought to be life- threatening. the attacker is on the run. there is more to come on the program, including the chinese premier business germany amidst a looming trade dispute. find out who's won the d'or at theplaalm
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cannes film festival. >> at least five people have been injured when rockets struck two predominantly shia neighborhoods in beirut. coalition istional meeting in istanbul and deciding whether to go to geneva next month. italian police and one of the men accused of killing a british soldier was arrested in kenya 2010. let's stay with that story. we have this update from the kenyan capital of nairobi. >> do not have a great deal of detail about what happened to
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michael back in 2010, but he was in court on november 23 of that year. according to police, they picked him up along with six other men on the island north of lamu, an area known for its conservative mosques. according to police the right to cross over the border into somalia to join al shababb. they have been fighting to overthrow the government there for some years. according to reports from the time, michael complained that he had not been allowed to eat for two days, and they were denied access to their lawyers and families. the kenyan authorities initially denied he had been year but then they said he has been charged under a different name. some confusion over what documents he was traveling on, but the kenyons insist that the
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documents were legitimate. when they could find no further evidence of connections or activities in terrorism, he was allowed to go back home. now, the kenyan authorities have gone on to deny there was any abuse. there was no record of complaints. and they insist that they behaved perfectly with in a letter of law. >> the indian prime minister is warning that rebels are the biggest threat to national security after the worst attack in three years. fighters ambushed a government convoy killing 29 people on saturday. we report from new delhi. >> is being called one of the most lethal attacks ever by rebels. the attack struck at the heart of india's ruling political party. among the dead are congress leaders, including karma, the man who led the campaign against the group. >> attacks our convoy of 25
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vehicles. rebels surrounded us. he urged them to not kill anyone but him. >> a landmine exploded, hitting one of the vehicles before as many as 200 rebels opened fire. the killings are a huge blow to the congress party as it prepares for election in 2014. the prarty's leadership rushed to visit the wounded. attack, absolutely, absolutely. it is unthinkable. >> it is a heart shattering incident the likes of which has never happened before. it poses a big challenge to the indian government as well as the government here. >> this is the second time in over a week that the rebels have struck targets in this state. 8 days ago that killed one soldier when they attacked
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security force vehicles in the same area. people gathered outside the chief minister's residence to express their frustration of the lack of safety in the state. and the police's in ability to stop the violence. >> according to the home ministry, the rebels are present in 20 of 28 states and have thousands of fighters. the prime minister says they pose the most dangerous threat to india's internal security. >> opposition groups in bangladesh have defied a ban on demonstrations to hold a nationwide strike. protesters threw homemade grenades and set cars on fire. the prime minister resigned and handed over power to a caretaker government with elections next year. of state john kerry says he believes of $4 billion plan to palestine could
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boost the economy there by 50%. he was speaking at the world economic forum in jordan where israeli and palestinian leaders are gathered along with business leaders, but he said the deal depended on peace between the two sites. the israeli president says there could be progress. > we hope to overcome skepticism and doubt. i do believed is, it is a real possibility. as far as the palestinians are concerned, we have a functioning beginning and we have an agreed solution. the solution is a two-stage solution living in peace and dignity. the functioning solution is the palestinian authority. >> the chief negotiator for the palestinian says there must be
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an end to israeli settlement expansion before peace talks can take place. benjaminey is netanyahu purity has to accept 1967 and stopped supplements. what are we negotiating about? 20 years later and you cannot have an israeli prime minister who can utter the word 1967. do not be blind. >> in saudi arabia, 18 people have died from a buyer's. an 81 year old is the latest person to have died. so far there have been 44 cases reported worldwide but the who says it still does not know exactly what it is. the chinese premier is in germany where he is describe the relationship between the two countries as being in the fast lane. but he has used the occasion to warn the european union not to impose trade tariffs on chinese solar panels and telecommunications.
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the welcome was top drawer. berlin sees china as critical to german growth. beijing sees germany as the go to country for problem-solving in europe. a special relationship, as germany sees it, one which brought angela merkel twice last year to visit chinese leaders. -germanchinese relationship should develop quickly. we want to create a new dynamic. we have the best conditions and a constant exchange. >> germany has done far better economically than most of its euro-zone partners in part because of demand outside of europe. here chinese managers are touring an airplane plant par. >> is for everybody important, not only for us. there are many people living and
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they need many things. therefore, for everybody, the market is very important. >> of germany is china's biggest commercial partner in the european union with $180 billion in trade last year. germany represents just under 1/3 of the eu'trade with beijing. volkswagen sold 2.8 million cars in china last year. the chinese are customers the germans want to keep happy even if they feel they need to talk about human-rights. keeping china happy include supporting beijing and its lobbying efforts to prevent heavy tariffs on chinese made solar panels. the european commission says china is selling them under cost, killing competition in europe from companies like this one in germany. even though brussels to sites on trade issues, germany has been warning against terrorists. -- against tariffs. >> in germany and china is convinced that protectionism is
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not the answer for a good relationship. germany will do everything to solve trade conflicts in the solar and telecommunications sector with as many talks as possible. >> germany's economy minister says the tariffs would be a grave mistake. what is certain is that any trade war could gravely hurt german exports. mourners hadf attended to the perils of the king of yugoslavia. he died in the u.s. in 1970. serbian government says the returning of the king will unify the nation. thousands of peoples had marched to the streets of paris to protest against the gay marriage law. france passed the same-sex marriage and adoption legislation earlier this month. barack obama has arrived in oklahoma to see the devastation
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caused by monday's deadly tornadoes firsthand. obama spoke to residents and those who led the rescue efforts and are shown around what is left of the worst hit suburb of moore. 24 people died. thousands of homes were damaged or destroyed. >> i want to thank the chief of police and all of the first responders in this area who were some of the first folks on the scene, who were putting themselves at risk to save other people's lives. that is what first drew ponders do. but sometimes we take them for granted. -- that is what first responders do. that is why it is so important -- >> the areas hit by the tornado is facing reconstruction. stretch of thehe u.s. known as tornado alley. officials have been used to adopt -- urged to adopt measures used in another area devastated by a tornado.
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>> wynn's tornado carved its legal path through oklahoma, a shudder ran through kansas. >> our hearts anks. our thoughts and prayers were immediately with the residents of moore, because we knew there were going through. >> the mayor remembers the deadly switch -- twister that level greensburg six years ago. residents of its 800 and leading a landscape of rubble and grief. >> we are reliving that mentally with the people in moore, oklahoma. we lost five properties the evening of our tornado. and you wake up in the morning and realize that you have nothing. and you just start over. >> but greensburg transformed itself after the twister, a model studied and celebrated by planners from other towns like
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joplin, missouri. >> if they just stick together, they can rebuild. we did it. they are strong. >> 50 stores look brand-new, this is a reason. everyone of them was built after the tornado. all but this one, one of two buildings left standing when the twister past. >> the leaders who rebuilt this town chose to highlight green, rebuilding with sustainable materials and energy efficient windows and bricks recovered from the rubble. wind turbines power the time. >> it is what our ancestors taught us -- to be good stewards of the land. >> as life telethon in greensburg, the most dramatic rebuilding has been to the town's spirit. >> after a disaster you have a choice -- you can be humbling grateful you have the opportunity to rebuild and that you did not lose any more lives
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than lost. or you can be crumbly and hateful that it happened. -- and grumbly. when emotion is there, there are days when all of us have a time -- or tornado moment. and that is going to happen. way to go. dixon says with 8 grandchildren all board after the tornado, he
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rex out from the cold. china outlaws job discrimination. can help people like this recent college grad? wei's heavy-metal mockery of the chinese government. the biggest stories in asia, the latest buzz on social media all here on "linkasia."


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